Research Unit

To address various problems such as climate change and biodiversity loss, we will provide scientific evidence to maximize the value of nature and present a new way of interacting with nature and society, considering humans as a part of the biosphere.

Striving for a prosperous future society by pursuing original artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and promoting the utilization of AI in various fields.

For innovations to realize their potential social value, advanced technologies and knowledge created by research institutes, such as universities, need to be deployed and widely disseminated into society. This means it is necessary to understand the method and dynamics for co-innovation between a variety of players in society. This Research Unit is primarily devoted to the investigation into the mechanism and process of transfer /sharing of knowledge and technologies within and between organizations. This Unit also conducts practice-oriented research on co-innovation and relevant innovation dynamics to realize social values, including the strategy and management of industry-academia-government collaboration.

Research Center

This Center aims to achieve safety and security and create a vibrant society while exploring ideal ways of living with risk and optimum ways of balancing risk as a society.

As Japan’s first specialized research institute for typhoons, this research center aims to contribute to the building of a safe, vibrant and sustainable society by reducing the risk of typhoon disasters, and to the realization of a carbon-free society by utilizing typhoon energy.

We will aim for “Hojo” society in which everyone can live actively and cultivate their dreams and hopes for future generations. In order to build “Hojo” society, we will aim for a society with strong capabilities for disaster prevention and mitigation and supported by a healthy infrastructure. We will take up the challenge of research and education as a fusion of social science and engineering, and the implementation of research results for the benefit of society .

A health innovation ecosystem, based on research findings from integrated knowledge, will be built to create an innovation space where people can experience health and happiness through mobility, work and residence by connecting life, medicine and healthcare with new technology development and practical research.

Through research, development, and dissemination of cutting-edge electronics technology, we will promote the realization of smart cities and contribute to solving increasingly diverse social issues and improving convenience.