Research Interest

This research unit will provide the scientific evidence for utilizing the value of nature, such as climate stabilization, disaster risk reduction, pandemic control, food and water security, and cultural diversity. Through collaboration between science, society, and policy, this research unit aims to build a sustainable development for the biosphere and human well-being.

Adjunct Investigator

Laboratory of Microbial Environmental Dynamics

FUKAMI Tadashi【IMS Visiting Professor】
URABE Jotaro【IMS Visiting Professor】
MATSUI Kazuaki【IMS Visiting Professor】
MIKI Takeshi【IMS Visiting Professor】
YAMAMICHI Masato【IMS Visiting Associate Professor】

Laboratory of biocultural diversity

MORIBE Junji【IMS Associate Professor】

Laboratory of ecosystem resilience and stability

KINUGASA Toshihiro【IMS Visiting Professor】
TAKIMOTO Gaku【IMS Visiting Professor】
MORI Akira【IMS Visiting Professor】
SUZUKI Kenta【IMS Visiting Associate Professor】
NICO EISENHAUER【IMS Visiting Professor】