Research Organization Structure

The Institute for Multidisprenary Sciences (IMS) has five academic centers of practice: the Center for Creation of Symbiosis Society with Risk, the Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center, the Research Center for Sustainability, Resilience and Well-being, the Research Center for Next-Generation Health Technology, and the Semiconductor and Quantum Integrated Electronics Research Center, as well as three units: the Co-Innovation Dynamics Research Unit, the Biosphere Research Unit, and the Artificial Intelligence for Innovation and Co-Creation Research Unit.

These research centers and research units, which take on the challenges of global social issues, aim to realize their respective visions for the future and contribute to solving global-scale issues facing humanity and co-creating innovation through dialogue with society, based on the synergy of the outstanding new technologies of the Institute of Advanced Science (IAS).


YNU President, Director of IAS and IMS

Vice Director

Professor, Vide Director of IAS and IMS

IMS Organizational Structure

IMS Organizational Structure (as of April 2024)

Research Support System

The IAS and the IMS bring together international researchers in a wide range of fields from both within and outside Japan to undertake high-level research projects. Dedicated research strategy planning managers have been assigned to realize focused support not only for the putting in place of a leading-edge research environment, external funding management, and research outreach activities (including research PR and science communication), but also for the building of a researcher network that links together the researchers at the IAS and the IMS across the boundaries of their respective research fields.

Research Strategy and Planning Manager